RECOMB 2015 Best Poster Award:

RECOMB 2015 Best Paper Award:

RECOMB 2015 Test of Time Award:


RECOMB 2014 Best Poster Award:

Patrick Flaherty and Yuting He
"RVD2: An ultra-sensitive variant detection model for low-depth targeted next-generation sequencing data"

Marinka Zitnik and Blaz Zupan
"Biomedical Data Fusion by Simultaneous Matrix Tri-factorization"

RECOMB 2014 Best Paper Award:

Jianzhu Ma, Sheng Wang, Zhiyong Wang and Jinbo Xu
"MRFalign: Protein Homology Detection through Alignment of Markov Random Fields"

RECOMB 2014 Test of Time Award:

Amir Ben-Dor, Benny Chor, Richard M. Karp, Zohar Yakhini
"Discovering local structure in gene expression data: the order-preserving submatrix problem" 


RECOMB 2013 Best Poster Award:

Rongxin Fang and Zhihua Zhang
"Functional distinctive CTCF bindings revealed by a novel motif discovery pipeline"

Tomislav Ilicic and Richard Durbin
"Implementation of efficient haplotype matching using suffix array based methods"

RECOMB 2013 Best Paper Award:

Fabio Vandin, Alexandra Papoutsaki, Ben Raphael, and Eli Upfahl
"Genome-Wide Survival Analysis of Somatic Mutations in Cancer"

RECOMB 2013 Test of Time Award:

Jeremy Buhler and Martin Tompa
"Finding motifs using random projections"
which had been presented at RECOMB 2001 and published in full length in Journal of Computational Biology.

Pavel A. Pevzner, Haixu Tang and Michael S. Waterman
"A new approach to fragment assembly in DNA sequencing"
which had been presented at RECOMB 2001 and published in full length in Proceedings of the National Academy of the USA.


RECOMB 2012 Best Poster Award:

Matthew Edwards and David Gifford for the poster "High-resolution genetic mapping with pooled sequencing".

Thomas Bonfert, Gergely Csaba, Ralf Zimmer and Caroline C. Friedel
"A context-based approach to identify the most likely mapping for RNA-seq experiments".

RECOMB 2012 Best Paper Award:

Patrick Holloway, Krister Swenson, David Ardell and Nadia El-Mabrouk for the contribution "Evolution of Genome Organization by Duplication and Loss: a Linear Programming approach".

RECOMB 2012 Test of Time Award:

Nir Friedman, Michal Linial, Iftach Nachman and Dana Pe´er for the contribution "Using Bayesian Network to Analyse Expression Data"

Amir Ben-Dor, Laurakay Bruhn, Nir Friedman,Iftach Nachman, Michèl Schummer and Zohar Yakhini for the contribution  "Tissue Classification with Gene Expression Profiles"


RECOMB 2011 best paper award:

Shay Zakov, Yoav Goldberg, Michael Elhadad and Michal Ziv-Ukelson. Rich Parametrization Improves RNA Structure Prediction.

RECOMB 2011 best poster awards:

Chen Yanover and Philip Bradley. Large-scale characterization of binding landscapes using structural simulations: application to C2H2 zinc-finger transcription factors and MHC proteins

Raheleh Salari and Teresa M Przytycka. The effect of SNPs on Boltzmann distribution for RNA secondary structure

RECOMB 2011 Test of Time award :

Clustering gene expression patterns. Ben-Dor A, Shamir R, Yakhini Z.

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